High Level Success: dancing duo’s fundraising on pointe

“I think we will be amazing.”

Aileeryia and Lilly are two young dancers with big dreams.

Aileeryia first started working with Global Coffee Fundraising in 2018. Her goal? To raise enough money to dance on Broadway. An expensive dream for a teenager from High Level, Alberta.

No stranger to putting in hard work, Aileeryia sold coffee around town for $15 a bag.

Customizing the coffee labels, Aileeryia sold five different kinds of coffee, including the light roast ‘Rise and Slay on Broadway,’ a medium roast called ‘Broadway Bound Blend’ and a favourite among her supporters, a dark roast coined ‘Beast Mode.’

With the whole town behind her, Aileeryia reached her goal and flew to New York to dance on Broadway.

Having seen so much success with Global Coffee Fundraising, Aileeryia is at it again, this time with her friend Lilly.

The girls dance independently and are hoping to raise money for their costume and festival fees this year.

Among the five coffees the young women are selling, a medium roast called ‘Dancing Ninjas,’ a ‘Pirouette Decaf’ and of course, the return of the ‘Beast Mode.’

Now Aileeryia and Lilly are off to the races, taking orders for coffee sales. Once they receive all the orders and send the payment in, Global Coffee will freshly roast the beans and send them the bags of coffee to distribute. And of course, send them their profit too!

Sure, it’s more work for the girls to dance on their own, versus with a studio, but they’re up for the challenge.

Aileeryia says “I’m excited to get to choreograph more and take control of my training,” while Lilly adds “I’m so excited to be able to try new things with my best friend and have more input in my own dancing.”

With proud parents and a town full of people rooting for them, the girls will surely see success.

“Thank you Global Coffee, for allowing us to fundraise with your coffee.”