From us to you: THANK YOU!

From us to you: THANK YOU!

Wow! 1 Year Later, hey!

It was a year full of unique challenges for everyone.

There was a lot of uncertainty for us here at Global Coffee Fundraising when the pandemic began. Understandably so, fundraising wasn’t at the top of everyone’s to do list. But as the year went on, people needed support more than ever.

We have been so incredibly grateful to facilitate this support. In the last year, we helped schools build new playgrounds, a boy upgrade his wheelchair and sports teams get new equipment. We also found people were raising money for different initiatives than before – like a grad class having a virtual celebration.

What was made clear after this last year is that people will always need to raise money for their causes, and we will be here to help achieve those fundraising goals.

The pandemic also pushed us into improving our online options. Now, your group can fundraise 100 % online. While this is certainly handy in our current world of social distancing, it will surely be a change that’s here to stay.

After hearing your feedback loud and clear, we’ve also added a shop to our site. So many people get hooked on our beans and want the ability to pop on and buy a bag anytime. Now that’s possible! Browse our shop, if you haven’t had a chance already – Shop Here!

While the coming months will have its challenges, as the pandemic continues, we are so grateful to be here. Because of you, those who organize the fundraisers and the fabulous people who support them, we will continue to do what we love – make good coffee and support our community!

So here’s to a healthy, happy spring and summer! May we find joy amid the chaos and continue to lift those who need it!