Air roasted coffee and why we do it

We hear from people all the time that our coffee is the best they’ve ever had. Wow, what an amazingly compliment! Freshness is a definite reason why our coffee is so good, but it’s not the only reason. One of the major factors – air-roasting.

Why air-roasting?

Air-roasting is what brings us amazing consistency and flavour – this is what sets us apart. You see, drum-roasting is the traditional way to roast coffee. This is when the beans are placed in a cylinder-shaped chamber (a drum). The drum spins and the beans are roasted. This traditional method has served caffeine addicts well for years, but we can’t be resistant to innovation. So when we discovered air-roasted coffee, we were hooked.

What is air-roasting?

Air roasting is a process that involves using forced, very hot air to roast the beans. The beans are placed on a bed inside a roasting chamber and the controlled air flow allows the beans to be roasted very consistently.

How air-roasting works

Roasting beans is what unlocks their flavour. Coffee beans don’t smell or taste like much before the roasting process. Before they’ve been roasted, coffee beans don’t even look like what you’d recognize! The beans are covered in what’s called a chaff – a green, dried skin. While being roasted, the chaff comes off and goes into a separate chamber. If the beans were roasted with their chaff, they’d get a bitter, smoky flavor. With the beans laid out evenly and the high temperatures, they’re done quicker than during drum-roasting. This preserves more of the original flavour of the beans.

We roast our coffee beans daily, in small batches. This ensures the bags of coffee you get are of the highest quality and as fresh as possible.

Next time you try Global Coffee, see if you notice how much cleaner, smoother and more mellow our flavour is. You can thank the air-roasting for that!!