BroCHURE fundraising 

Sell coffee through our classic in-person fundraising. We provide easy to use brochures and order forms.

Brochure Fundraising is Easy!

Follow these 3 simple steps to fundraising success with your group.

1. Set Up Your Fundraiser

Fill out a fundraising request and a Fundraising Rep will connect with you to get started!

2. Run Your Fundraiser Campaign
  1. Kick off your fundraiser by handing our brochures and order forms.
  2. Participants sell to family and friends.
  3. Collect orders and payment from your supporters.
3. Submit Your Order
  1. Complete the Master Order Form provided and send it back via email.
  2. Coffee will be roasted, packed & shipped within 10 days of submission.
  3. Pay your invoice by cheque or cash, and keep your profit.
4. Enjoy Your Coffee & Profits
  1. Your orders will come organized by item, making distribution a breeze!  
  2. Your work is done. Enjoy your delicious coffee (& hot chocolate) and your group’s success!

BEST coffee ever!

This fundraiser was great. Now that I have a new favorite coffee, we will definitely be fundraising again very soon!! in the future for more fundraising and more coffee.

Susan / Girl Guides (BC)


WOW! We already have coffee in hand. Thank you so much for for this amazing fundraiser… We are excited to work with you again next school year!

Jamie / Band Director (ON)

EAsy & Smooth fundraiser!

What a fundraiser!! The distribution to our students was so smooth. Everything as labelled and packed perfectly. Thanks for making our jobs easier.

Danielle / School PAC (AB)