Rally your school and boost your fundraising results

Whether you’re raising money for a sports team, band, science club, class trip or gifts for a graduating class, we want to pass along these proven ideas for making your fundraiser fun and fruitful. Like so many Terri Lynn fundraising groups, you can make the process enjoyable by rallying your community (including students!), and boosting your school spirit in the process.

We’ve have the products your school community will love, which makes putting these top tips into action easy. Follow our formula below for your most successful school fundraiser yet!

Make Friends
School is more fun with friends! Reach out to other parents, coaches, administrators, and teachers letting them know about your fundraising ambitions. What ideas can they bring to the table? You’ll likely find they know about school events or programs that aren’t on everyone’s radar. Let the ideas flow!

There is Power in Numbers
How can you join efforts with other clubs or organizations at your school? Raising money together will help broaden your audience and reach more supporters. Enlist the help of the students and educators you’ll be supporting — what are their ideas? Maybe a band-choir collaboration? Expand your reach and impact by thinking big!

Do the Math
How many soccer jerseys do you need to purchase? What new playground equipment do we need? How many band instruments? Do the math to determine the kind of impact you can make with your fundraiser, and how much money you’ll need to raise and how many products each student needs to sell to be successful. Then, let your supporters know where their dollars are going. For example:

“Every 10 bags of coffee buys a new soccer jersey”